By now you've hopefully heard the incredible news -- Governor Brown signed SB 1107 to repeal California's ban on public financing of campaigns!  A huge thank you to all of you who helped!

This caps off easily the hardest fought and most important campaign finance victory in California in the 14+ years the California Clean Money Campaign has been working on the issue with our allies.

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Los Angeles County probation Chief Jerry Powers said he hasn't heard the question over allowing low-level felons to vote posed better than by his 12-year-old son: "Dad, what part of voting makes us less safe?"

Following beating by Downtown Berkeley Association reps homeless people demand end to campaign on criminalization and brutality

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On the heels of a damning new report, the Right to Rest campaign pushes for statewide legislation to stop discrimination against homeless people. Cities in the United States have a long history of criminalizing the public presence of people they consider undesirable. In the late 1800s, Southern cities established “sundown towns,” laws that restricted black people from being outside after sunset. Throughout the 19th century, cities ratified “ugly laws,” banning people who were diseased or deformed from being outside. During the Great Depression, California cities passed an “anti-Okie” law, making it illegal to assist poor people entering the state.

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The federal government has agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing the Department of Veterans Affairs of misusing its sprawling West Los Angeles health campus while veterans with brain injuries and mental impairment slept in the streets, people familiar with the agreement said Tuesday.

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'This historic vote demonstrates support to advance a public safety strategy beyond incarceration to include treatment and prevention.'