End Homelessness Now

End Homelessness Now (35)

Nine months after the Los Angeles City Council unanimously adopted a comprehensive plan to end homelessness, the first progress report on the plan, released this week, offered a sobering picture of the long and difficult path ahead.

The tiny house movement is now becoming a working solution to end homelessness in Detroit, MI. Cass Community Social Services, a nonprofit, is spearheading the initiative to offer tiny homes, in a neighborhood of tiny homes, to qualified homeless individuals.

County workers routinely destroyed and confiscated what little property homeless campers had.

Homeless Americans face challenges in voting during the 2016 US elections, but many still exercise their right.

'Much like the greater Bay Area and California as a whole, Silicon Valley is a far more unequal place than it used to be.'

Mixed-income housing policies are essentially “trickle-down” affordable housing.

As cities search for solutions to homelessness, Portland’s Dignity Village offers 60 men and women community and safety.

Affordable housing has been tougher and tougher to come by in D.C. in recent years, and city officials have been taking steps to preserve and create new housing options for low-income residents. But even as those efforts are taking place, many housing advocates admit that they may be coming too late.

It's fascinating what a little coordination - and a lot of communication - can do in battling homelessness among veterans.

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