End Corporate Rule

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To avoid another crash, the Massachusetts senator says the U.S. must "force law-breaking bankers to trade in their pinstripe suits for orange jumpsuits."

"The bank lobbyists have been hitting Capitol Hill hard, and they have a Dodd-Frank rollback bill lined up with the support of every Republican and 12 Democrats."

In what environmental justice groups are characterizing as legal harassment by "corporate mercenaries," the company that owns the contested Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace, Earth First!, BankTrack, and individuals who oppposed and protested the pipeline, claiming over $300 million in damages.

By now you've hopefully heard the incredible news -- Governor Brown signed SB 1107 to repeal California's ban on public financing of campaigns!  A huge thank you to all of you who helped!

This caps off easily the hardest fought and most important campaign finance victory in California in the 14+ years the California Clean Money Campaign has been working on the issue with our allies.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00

Five Deadly Sins of Big Pharma

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For Mylan, it was a perfect plan—diabolical, unstoppable. The company made changes in its anti-allergy EpiPen dispenser in 2009, enough to give it patent protection. Then, in 2012, it began to give away free pens to schools, gradually making school nurses at least partly dependent on them.

'This is really a resounding victory for everyone who cares about protecting not only our water supply, but water supplies around the world'

Thursday, 07 April 2016 00:00

The Panama Papers Problem

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The Panama tax haven leaks reveal a lot about the lawlessness of the rich, as well as the ideological bias of the western press.

Saturday, 05 March 2016 00:00

End Corporate Rule

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Time and again, whether we are seeking sensible healthcare, environmental, economic, or foreign policy—supported by a majority of Americans—we hit a barrier, because corporate lobbyists and donors have managed to get between our legislators and us. National and local media is right-wing and true journalism has suffered.