"These disasters drag into the light exactly who is already being thrown away," notes Naomi Klein

The Charlotte police officer who killed Keith Lamont Scott will not be charged. In a news conference on Wednesday, R. Andrew Murray, the Mecklenburg County district attorney, said he was “entirely convinced” that Police Officer Brentley Vinson “was lawful in using deadly force.”

The real measure of election integrity is that every eligible American can cast a vote that is counted. But this fundamental right is being threatened in the 2016 elections. Fourteen states will have new laws cutting back on voting rights and access in place for the first time in a presidential election.

Eighty-six-year-old Reba Bowser has been voting since the Eisenhower era. After moving from New Hampshire to North Carolina last year, she went with her son on February 8 to get a government-issued photo ID that will allow her to vote in the state under a new law beginning in the March primary.

The “Respond With Love” campaign was put together by three Muslim organizations to raise money for black churches that have burned in recent weeks.  

A fire that engulfed a small, predominantly black church in Charlotte was set on purpose, local officials said Wednesday. Now they are trying to determine whether the act of arson was a hate crime.

A North Carolina minister and an environmental watchdog have sent a letter to Duke Energy President and CEO Lynn Good, criticizing the utility giant for targeting African-American community leaders as part of its campaign against rooftop solar.

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Roberta Madden wants to live to see the day the Equal Rights Amendment is added to the U.S. Constitution. At 78, the Black Mountain resident fears she is running out of time.

ERA is ‘in the air,’ according to the NC National Organization for Women. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is the topic of a new book – “Equal Means Equal, Why the Time for the Equal Rights Amendment is NOW” by Jessica Neuwirth in 2015.

NC State Representative Rodney Moore (99th district), plans to introduce the Probation of Discrimination Bill “mid-February.” The name of the bill reflects the intent to go beyond racial profiling to address “discriminatory profiling in general” say Rep Moore.

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