Police raided the largest voter registration drive in the state with the lowest voter turnout in the country.

Saturday, 05 March 2016 00:00

Let Me Vote/Count My Vote

The U.S. election system—and the democracy it was formed to protect—are under siege. If we want to save the promise of “government by the people” we need to do something—and fast.

In case you missed the memo, here’s where we are: U.S. public policy and most of our legislation no longer serve the people. That’s because U.S. politics is dominated by Big Money. Social and environmental progress is being blocked by elected officials who cater to big donors and the corporate-backed special interest groups who control re-election funds.

Eighty-six-year-old Reba Bowser has been voting since the Eisenhower era. After moving from New Hampshire to North Carolina last year, she went with her son on February 8 to get a government-issued photo ID that will allow her to vote in the state under a new law beginning in the March primary.

The governor of Alabama has partially reversed a decision to close more than 30 government offices that issue driver licenses and photo IDs, following weeks of criticism by civil rights advocates and Democratic lawmakers who say the action would make it harder for some black residents to get the identification needed to vote.

'World's Greatest Democracy' rated worst among Western nations; Ranked just below Micronesia, just above Mexico in overall list...