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Trade Resources and Information

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Below are links to information and organizing information regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership, TTIP and TISA trade deals. Please contact Mara Cohen  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 847-471-4129 for assistance with planning an event or getting materials for your event.

Public Citizen

  •  Has a great compendium of ISDS case studies.

  •  Has an up-to-date page with many resources including those linked by the various arenas threatened by the TPP, info on fact-checking the lies being told about the TPP and a map which gives state-by-state info on economic impacts of the TPP

  • Resources with info on TTIP

  •  Blog on globalization and trade.  Most recent article debunks the Petersen Institute Pro-TPP papers and the faulty premises on which they are based.


Citizens Trade Campaign

  • Info re past Free Trade Agreements

  • An array of activist resources – everything from a variety of tactics to hold your elected officials accountable to creative Free Trade Actions one could take. Developed prior to TPP but still most appropriate.

  • Info re an array of trade issues from TAA to women’s issues to Trade in Services [TISA] to Trade and Migration to indigenous people’s

Expose the TPP

  • How the TPP impacts you and would impact everything else by topic (from public health to public safety to buy local  to internet freedom

  • Some great videos


Flush the TPP  Much more!  Impossible to summarize this page!

People Demanding Action

Sierra Club


The Alliance for Democracy:


Coalition for a Prosperous America

  • Articles about trade


The Electronic Frontier Foundation

  • Info re defending people’s rights to a free and open digital world

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